Blue Hills Manuka Honey

Blue Hills Active Leatherwood Honey

Blue Hills Manuka Leatherwood Blend Honey

Blue Hills Premium Honeys

To the left are the Blue Hills Manuka, Active Leatherwood and a Manuka-Leatherwood Blend. Below are other honeys; Leatherwood, Blackberry, Meadow and the Blue Hills Tarkine Wilderness Honey.

Blue Hills Leatherwood Honey

Blue Hills Blackberry Honey

Blue Hills Meadow Honey

Blue Hills Tarkine Wilderness Honey

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What is Manuka Honey?

What is Manuka? What is MGO?, MGO
Testing, and lots of other Manuka
Honey information.

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What is Active Leatherwood?

Find out more about Active Leatherwood Honey.


Manuka from Australia.

It’s real Manuka Honey and it’s from
Tasmania, Australia’s Island State.

Tea Cup Dipper

Honey and Health

Honey can contribute to your good health.


About Blue Hills and Their Honeys.

Honeys, Laboratory Reports, Certifications, Awards, History and their family story.


About Tasmania

The pure air, the pure water, the location, and the people.


Manuka and Your Horse.

How to use Manuka for wounds and
the good health of your horse.


Honey Library

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News and Updates

Holiday Shipping: 

We will be closed from 20 December 2019, opening again on 06 January.  We will do our best to ship all orders received before 20 December as soon as possible.  Some orders may be shipped after 06 January 2020.

1.  NOTE ABOUT MANUKA HONEY:  We are happy to advise that our 400+, 250+, 100+, and 30+ Manuka honeys are available again. Please visit our product pages for details and pricing. Thank You for your patience.

2.  NOTE:  We ship your order as soon as possible but but during some very busy times it may take 15 business days.

3.  Export:  We do not export honey.  We ship within Australia only – no out-of-Australia shipments.

4.  Freight:  Our current freight calculator uses a rate of $15.00 plus 5% of the honey purchase price. If your order has a higher freight cost we will contact you.

5.  WA Shipments:  We no longer ship honey to Western Australia.  If you live in Western Australia and want to buy our honeys, please contact:   Optimum Health Foods, Morley, WA  6062  –  P: 08 9375 1155   or   M: 0428 450 051