Welcome to our online store for the finest Tasmanian Honeys
Welcome to our online store for the finest Tasmanian Honeys
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Blue Hills Honeys

Welcome to Tasmanian Manuka Honey, our on-line store offering the finest honeys produced in Tasmania.  All are premium honeys, harvested and packed by Blue Hills Honey in the Northwest of Tasmania, the "Green State" of Australia.

What makes our Blue Hills Honeys special?

-  Location:  All Blue Hills Honeys are produced by bees harvesting nectar from the heart of the Tarkine, a temperate rain forest in the Northwest of green Tasmania.

-  Quality:  Blue Hills meets the highest quality assurance programs available in the beekeeping industry - BQUAL,  HACCP,  HALAL, TAHG, and others.

-  Cold Extraction: Blue Hills Honeys are “cold extracted” to ensure all the natural components of the honey are retained. 

-  Certifications:  Blue Hills received BQUAL Certificate #1, the first beekeeper to meet the stringent Australian national quality assurance program: BQUAL.

-  Laboratory tests:  Blue Hills honeys are tested to confirm bioactivity (MGO) and purity levels are met or exceeded. 

-  Direct Shipment:  All on-line orders are shipped directly from the honey farm to you. 

-  More info:  Blue Hills Videos

Shipping and Ordering Information

1.  Shipping:  We ship your order as soon as possible, usually within 3 business days, but in busy times it may take 7 to 10 business days. 

2.  Freight:  Our freight charge is $18.00 for orders fitting into one carton.  Orders with multiple cartons may incur an extra charge.      

3.  Australian Orders:  Use this web site for retail orders shipped within Australia.

4.  Wholesale Orders:  For wholesale orders please contact us by email or phone.  

5.  WA Orders:  Please contact Optimum Health Foods, Morley, WA  6062  –  P: 08 9375 1155   or   M: 0428 450 051

6.  International Stockists:  Blue Hills Honey is available in China and in Vietnam from the stockists in the link below.

7.  International Shipments:  If you buy in Australia and ship honey to another country,  you may have problems with Customs when importing into that country. 

Click here for full shipping details.