Welcome to our online store for the finest Tasmanian Honeys
Welcome to our online store for the finest Tasmanian Honeys
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About Us - Tasmanian Manuka Honey

Tasmanian Manuka Honey is the on-line store for purchasing the finest honeys produced in Tasmania. 
The Tasmanian Manuka Honey on-line store is operated by Australian Quality Honey, ABN: 97 108 014 473.
All of our honeys are produced and packed by Blue Hills Honey, located in the Northwest of Tasmania, Australia.
Blue Hills honeys are not produced in New Zealand and repacked in Australia.   About Blue Hills

Our featured product is Blue Hills Manuka Honey.  Each batch is laboratory tested, confirming the levels of Methylglyoxal, the most important of the several bio-active factors in Manuka honey.

Blue Hills Manuka honey is sold as MGO: 30+, 100+,  and 250+. And when it is available, we have MGO 400+.  

For all types of Manuka, MGO refers to the milligrams of Methylglyoxal per kilogram of honey.  

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Why an On-Line store?
We frequently receive inquiries from knowledgeable consumers who want these premium quality Australian honeys but they can’t find them at their local retailer.

To make these honeys available to consumers everywhere, we have created this web site and our on-line store.

Please use our Contact Us page to email any questions, comments, suggestions for improvement, or just to say hello.

We are located in Mawbanna, Tasmania, the Island State of Australia. Tasmania is known for the pure air and pure water found in our great state.

We want to thank you for visiting our web site.  We hope your visit has been of value in learning more about Blue Hills Honeys and Tasmania. We hope too that you will place an order to enjoy our wonderful honeys.