Welcome to our online store for the finest Tasmanian Honeys
Welcome to our online store for the finest Tasmanian Honeys
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Manuka and Your Horse

Research studies from various organisations and information from horse owners indicate that Manuka honey could be a valuable tool in your effort to keep your horses healthy and to treat them for some types of injuries. Please note that as you access the information below and on the rest of this web site and on links to external web sites, you do so under the Terms and Conditions Of Use and our Medical Disclaimer and Privacy Policy.

Please know that we are not veterinarians or medical professionals and therefore we do not make any claims related to the benefits of using Manuka honey.

The references below are just a few of the stories, videos, and reports of how Manuka Honey might be used with your horses.

Report from Univ. Of Sydney


Video – Dressing an open wound – horse


Veterinary News story


Manuka Honey – Medical Research


Equine Vet info


Info from The Horse


Chrono of Horse info


Forum – User Comments


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