Welcome to our online store for the finest Tasmanian Honeys
Welcome to our online store for the finest Tasmanian Honeys
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Blackberry Honey
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Blackberry Honey

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An elegant floral flavour, very smooth, with a lovely, soft sweetness. Crisp and mild, essentially a mono-floral flavour derived on Blackberry blossoms. Nothing added, just pure Blackberry honeys direct from the North of Tasmania. 

Our Blackberry honey is collected by moving the bee hives to the centre of the Blackberry fields at the peak of the Blackberry flowering season in Northwest Tasmania – where you will find some of the world’s cleanest air and water.

This produces an essentially mono-floral honey with a truly elegant flavour. A distinct floral note that is crisp and clean on the pallet, perfect on morning toast of muffins. Ideal as a sweetener for tea, or in a glaze, or on a cheese plate at your next dinner party.

Brought to Tasmania by early European settlers, the blackberry bush (Rubus fruticosus) was prized for its sweet and juicy fruit and was once widespread throughout Tasmania.

These days, large stands of wild blackberries are very hard to find, and Blue Hills is one of few beekeeping families still producing wild blackberry honey.

Genuine blackberry honey is highly sought after for its light, very delicate flavour and aroma.


All Blue Hills honeys are “cold extracted”, ensuring all of the natural components of the honey are retained. 


Carton prices include a 5% quantity discount.


Ingredients: 100% Cold-Extracted Tasmanian Blackberry Honey.
Shelf Life: 60 months
Available in: 250gm, 500gm Jars and 1kg, 3kg, 14kg, 28kg Food Grade Pails.

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