Welcome to our online store for the finest Tasmanian Honeys
Welcome to our online store for the finest Tasmanian Honeys
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Leatherwood Honey
Tasmanian Manuka Honey

Leatherwood Honey

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Often referred to as the King of Honey and the Honey of Kings, leatherwood honey’s bold, complex and unique flavour can best be described as “tasting like the rainforest”. This is because the wild rainforests of Tasmania are the only place in the world where the rare leatherwood tree (Eucryphia lucida) grows.

The Leatherwood plant has very ancient origins, remaining after the super continent Gondwana split apart more than 60 million years ago. A truly unique mono-floral honey from a very unique place.

Since 1955, the Blue Hills family has had the privilege of sourcing this highly sought after honey from the heart of the Tarkine wilderness, an area known for its ancient forests and the world’s cleanest air and water.

Winner of: “World’s Best Leatherwood” for 2022.

All Blue Hills honeys are “cold extracted”, ensuring all of the natural components of the honey are retained.

Ingredients: 100% Cold-Extracted Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey.
Available in: 250gm, 500gm Jars and 1kg, 3kg, 14kg, 28kg Food Grade Pails.


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