Active Leatherwood Honey


Active Leatherwood Honey from Tasmania, Australia.

Ingredients: 100% Cold-Extracted Tasmanian Active Leatherwood Honey.
Shelf Life: 60 months
Available in: 250gm, 500gm jars .   Active strength: 10 + and 15 +

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Active?  Why is our Leatherwood Honey active?
Honey has been used since the beginning of recorded history as a treatment for many types of ailments. One of the properties it has been observed to possess is the ability to stop infections. This is due to its antibacterial activity: hence the descriptor ?active? (see point 3 below).
Honey can stop bacterial infection in three ways:
1. It has a very low water content which inhibits bacterial growth.
2. Honey is sufficiently acidic to prevent the growth of many bacteria.
3. It may contain antibacterial compounds such as methylglyoxal (MGO) or it can produce antibacterial substances such as hydrogen peroxide under appropriate conditions.
Most honey has the first two properties but if it also has the third property it is calledˇactive honey.
Peroxide active honey: some honeys show antibacterial activity arising from the generation of small amounts hydrogen peroxide by a naturally occurring enzyme. An example of peroxide active honey is leatherwood honey which is only produced in Tasmania.
The antibacterial activity test measures the honey?s ability to prevent the growth of the test bacterium. The antibacterial activity of a leatherwood honey measured as 20% phenol equivalent is exactly the same as a Manuka honey whose antibacterial activity is 20% phenol equivalent even though one honey has activity due to hydrogen peroxide, the other due to MGO (Methylgloxal). All our honey is independently tested.
It is important to store this honey correctly in a cool pantry to preserve this natural activity.

All Blue Hills honeys are “cold extracted”, ensuring all of the natural components of the honey are retained. For more information please see: Blue Hills – Their Other Honeys


Blue Hills honeys has won numerous awards since 1955 when it was started. Gold, silver, and bronze medals, as well as Best Organic Product, World’s Best Leatherwood Honey, and awards for their business operations.

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Blue Hills has maintained the highest level of quality and purity of their honey products for many years. Blue Hills meets or exceeds the standards of many agencies that monitor beekeepers, their procedures, product quality, and the professionalism of their apiary.

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Lab Tests

Blue Hills Honey regularly measures and tests various aspects of their honeys in order to confirm their products meet or exceed Australian government, Tasmanian government, and international standards for quality.

These tests include those conducted by the Queensland Government confirm that Blue Hills Honey is free from the anti-bacterial residue (medicines) and other adulterants found in many honeys. GMO/GE Free.

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