About Tasmania

Everyone knows how extraordinary Australia is. But many folks don’t know much about Tasmania, the Southernmost state of Australia.

Tasmania is the “Island State of Australia”. Located about 150 miles (240 km) south of the South Eastern corner of mainland Australia. Tassie’s population is small and has a tradition of doing things locally. There are many small producers of high-quality products. These Tasmanians are artisans who work hard to produce the very best, high quality products. One result is the great honeys from “Tassie” that we sell in our on-line store.

Due to its clean air and water and a moratorium on GMO, Tasmania is truly “Green”.

Tasmania’s Air and Water

Some of the purest air and water on planet Earth is found in Tasmania. A United Nations environmental monitoring station at Cape Grim on the Northwestern coast uses Tasmania as a reference in testing for the cleanest air and purest water on Earth.

It is a very special place to live and work.