Blue Hills Laboratory Reports

Blue Hills Laboratory Reports

Blue Hills Honey regularly measures and tests various aspects of their honeys in order to confirm their products meet or exceed Australian government, Tasmanian government, and international standards for quality.

Manuka Honey – Methylglyoxal

Blue Hills employs a third-party laboratory to measure the level of Methylglyoxal in each batch of Manuka honey prior to packing. The minimum level measured is stated as mg per kg on the product label. We provide copies of several typical laboratory test reports for your review.
Methylglyoxal Lab Reports


Many countries allow use of antibiotics as a means to control microbes and bee diseases. This practice often results in residues of those medicines remaining in the honeys that you or your family consume. Blue Hills Honey does not follow those procedures and the test reports below show the lack of those medications in the Blue Hills honeys.
Antimicrobial Residue Reports

Basic Analysis

These reports show the typical results of a basic laboratory analysis of the Blue Hills Honeys.
Analysis of honey constituents

Hive Health

Bees live in hives and it is important to make sure their hive home is clean and free from diseases such as American Foul Brood. The following report certifies that the Blue Hills hives are free from this disease.
American Foul Brood report